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  • NEW WAYS TO DIE: Thought Exploding Kittens was a crowd-pleaser? Wait till you bring this expansion pack into the fold! It introduces new cards. Greater complexity. More ways to betray your friends and revel in their despair. We named it after the one card in the deck that will turn you into a bona fide badass - the Streaking Kitten! It gives you the power to secretly hold an Exploding Kitten in your hand without going ka-boom. Imagine all the mayhem and mischief you can get up to!
  • JUST TO BE CLEAR: Streaking Kittens can’t work as a standalone game. It requires a copy of Exploding Kittens to play. Compatible with Original Edition, Party Pack Edition, 2-Player Edition, NSFW, Cat Burglar, Zombie Kittens, or Recipes for Disaster. Still craving for a greater challenge? More kitty-powered terror? We have more expansion packs to boost the fear factor! Check out Imploding Kittens and Barking Kittens (sold separately) and make your deck of Exploding Kittens even more irresistible.
  • PILE MORE PRESSURE: Streaking Kittens spices up the game in more ways. You’ll love the Curse of the Cat Butt cards that force a player to lay their hand down and mix up their cards, Alter The Future cards that can help you unleash some calculated chaos, and then there is the Catomic Bomb. Draw this bad boy and you can put all the Exploding Kittens at the top of the deck, sit back, and watch in ecstasy as people around you explode in agony. Go ahead, trigger a purr-fect cat-astrophe!
  • CARRY THE FUN: The beauty of Exploding Kittens? You can take the action wherever you go. Long road trip? Keep boredom at bay with magical enchiladas and adorable Tacocats. Flying cross country? Be a rule-breaker and carry detonating cats on the plane. Going camping? Try out a magical meat bikini under the stars. Our card game for families takes just 2 minutes to learn and is ideal for anyone 7 and up. The more cards are drawn, the tenser it gets, and the closer you inch toward glory.
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