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Harness the Wind, Master the Skies™

Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of the gaseous planet Celus, where buoyant gas keeps everything afloat in the skies. Without it, the city would plummet into the scalding core of the planet. You are the captain of a ship, and your job is to fly the skies of Celus to hunt Cresters and bring gas back to the city. You will need to hire crew workers from the trading post—each crew member is specialized, so choose wisely! To become the most notorious captain on the planet, you and your crew must successfully traverse the atmospheric pressure differences and vigorous winds, make good use of stops at the floating trade post, and face battles with other ships and captains.

It’s an engaging strategy game that challenges players to: Master the skies by harnessing the power of ever-changing winds and get ahead of opponents by using the wind in creative and clever ways; Build their engine and hire a crew of specialists and gather supplies to evolve the ship throughout the game, optimizing their choice strategy; Pick up and deliver—hunt leviathans and bring them back to the floating city, avoiding opponents who attempt to get in the way; Give orders to the crew in order to maximize production—manage crew morality, storage space and supply reserves to lead the ship to victory!

1-5 players
Ages 14+

6 Double-Sided Board Tiles
Trading Post (with Flag)
5 Ship Status Boards
Trading Post Board
5 Ship Pieces
10 Longboat Pieces
10 Mate Pieces
10 Achievement Tokens
15 Status Trackers
8 Gray Cresters
8 Red Cresters
1 White Crester
8 Gray Crester Teeth Pieces
8 Red Crester Teeth Pieces
8 Black Battle Dice
Blue Wind Die
74-Card Supply Deck
15 Crew Tiles
100 Gas/Cannon Tokens
16 “+2” Tokens
5 Coffee Tokens
6 Naturalist Tags
11 Life Tokens

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