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EACH PLATOON EXPANSION PACK CONTAINS: 3 PAINTED PLASTIC TANKS, 3 TANK CARDS, 15 UPGRADE CARDS. M4A3E8 Sherman - The M4A3E8 ‘Easy Eight Sherman is one of the most mass-produced modifications of the main U.S. armored vehicle of the World War II period. Featuring excellent Firepower for a Medium Tank, the Easy Eight can easily be fine-tuned to suit any role. M26 Pershing - Intended as a replacement for the Sherman, the M26 Pershing gave American crews a tank that could go head-to-head with German Panthers and Tigers. The M26 Pershing has an excellent array of stats. Adding some Crew will further enhance this already impressive tank. M24 Chaffee - Used by reconnaissance units as a replacement for the Stuart, the M24 Chaffee was appreciated by tank crews. Combining high Mobility with good Initiative and Firepower, the M24 Chaffee Light Tank is a threat to every other tank on the battlefield and cannot be ignored.NOT A STANDALONE GAME: Requires a copy of World of Tanks Miniatures Game (GF9WOT01) to play. ©2023 All rights reserved. ©Gale Force Nine 2023. Gale Force Nine is a Battlefront Group Company. The exclusive copyright on the miniature designs and components within this pack are the property of Battlefront Miniatures Ltd, New Zealand.

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