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EACH PLATOON EXPANSION PACK CONTAINS: 3 PAINTED PLASTIC TANKS, 3 TANK CARDS, 15 UPGRADE CARDS. Crusader - Used in the deserts of North Africa, the Crusader was perfect for high- speed attack runs on an unsuspecting enemy. For a Light Tank, the Crusader packs enough Firepower to trouble enemy tanks as well as excellent Mobility and Initiative. Sherman VC Firefly - The Sherman VC Firefly was a British adaptation of the trusty Sherman tank and mounted the powerful 17-pounder gun that was capable of knocking out German Tigers. The Firefly mixes the best of two worlds, the Firepower of a Tank Destroyer with the Medium Tank ability to re-roll a blank attack dice. Challenger - Another British tank featuring the 17-pounder gun, the Challenger was built to keep up with fast Cruiser tanks. It is an outstanding Tank Destroyer for an aggressive commander, combining high Mobility to quickly relocate and find enemy flanks where its impressive Firepower will finish the job. NOT A STANDALONE GAME: Requires a copy of World of Tanks Miniatures Game (GF9WOT01) to play. ©2023 All rights reserved. ©Gale Force Nine 2023. Gale Force Nine is a Battlefront Group Company. The exclusive copyright on the miniature designs and components within this pack are the property of Battlefront Miniatures Ltd, New Zealand.

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