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EACH PLATOON EXPANSION PACK CONTAINS: 3 PAINTED PLASTIC TANKS, 3 TANK CARDS, 15 UPGRADE CARDS. T-70 - With over 8,000 tanks built during the war, the T-70 was the mainstay of Soviet light tank units. Its high Initiative and the Light Tank rule make it an excellent option to support slower tanks in the Platoon where it can help them maximise their damage potential. IS-2 - The IS-2 is a Soviet heavy tank, named after the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. It was developed and saw combat during World War II and saw service in other Soviet allied countries after the war. Featuring a high Firepower and the Big Gun rule, the IS-2 will win most head- to-head shootouts. ISU-152 - Unofficially nicknamed zveroboy, this ‘beast killer was built in response to the increasing numbers of German heavy tanks appearing on the battlefields of the Eastern Front. The ISU-152 has excellent Survivability and features a powerful gun with an increased chance of causing Critical Hits on enemy tanks. NOT A STANDALONE GAME: Requires a copy of World of Tanks Miniatures Game (GF9WOT01) to play. ©2023 All rights reserved. ©Gale Force Nine 2023. Gale Force Nine is a Battlefront Group Company. The exclusive copyright on the miniature designs and components within this pack are the property of Battlefront Miniatures Ltd, New Zealand.

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